Sunday, May 21, 2006

Life's activities survey report Félix Chalifoux


The purpose of the survey was to know more about the daily life’s activities of the people. I hoped to learn a lot of things from it such as to look further into my knowledge about it. Another goal was to see if people who came from another country have different tastes or did other activities than us.


A sample of 56 students answered the survey questions and the majority are located in Longueuil. Most of the respondents were between 18 and 25 years old. They needed to answer 10 multiple-choice questions on various areas such as television, school, work, free time, transport, restaurant and food. Only twenty of the respondents were male and more than thirty six were female. The data was collected automatically on my Survey Monkey. That wasn’t hard and very pratical.


Our results show that there’s a majority of people who watch TV only 0 to 5 hours in a week. Most of students study 3 to 5 hours in a week. More than 57.1% of our respondents did computer during their free time; that’s a lot. More than 80.7% of them pratice sports and the most popular is soccer. Between car, train, bus, walk and bicycle, it’s by car with 28 people the most popular to go in school or work. The pasta is the favourite meal than the respondents prefer to eat. The biggest surprise was this conclusion; the respondents go out, only one time per week. Personally, that’s not my result because I eat 4 or 5 times per week in a restaurant. In a night, the respondents sleep an average 6 to 8 hours.


The results demonstrate that one city is different from another one. The people from Longueuil prefer pizza and poutine over pasta. Of those who answered 10 and more hours in question 2, five people have answered 0-3 hours in question 3 (how many times do they study in a week?). We can conclude the more you watch television, less the time you have to study. I have only one problem, to the question 6, I don’t understand how a respondent can answered other if it was a yes-no question. The results vary between the country than they (the respondents) come from and the group of age. Per example, the people between 18 and 20 years old prefer to go out with friend and the people between 22 and 25 years old spend more time in their work. Another conclusion than I can make is that the Europeans spend less time watching television per week than Canadians. The person who goes to school and work by train is special because he’s the only man that I know who moves by train. It’s not in Canada that we will see someone like him and he comes from Asia. It’s normal if its computer the more used because the majority of the respondents were Canadian and the country Canada is one that uses the most frequently the technology.


The survey confirms what I wanted to know. I’m happy with my results because I learned a lot of things. I can conclude that the people who came from another country love the same things as us but they don’t have the same habits as us. But they’re human too and it’s normal if they have similar things.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Montreal City

Let me talk about the biggest city of this country : Montreal. I don't live there but I go there rather often. We see a lot of kinds of people.Montreal is a complet city. We can find whatever we want. For the sportsman like me, it has a lot of parks and arenas. It's a city than it has a lot of tourists. Sadly it has increasingly a lot of poor people. At this city it has a lot of groups . It's dangerous to walk alone during the night. But when Montreal is illuminated it's very pleasant for the lovers. The biggest street of this one is Sainte-Catherine street. On this street it has a lot of shops. It's the most important street of this city. Montreal has approximately two millions of people. During the day it's very noisy and there a lot of circulations. Personnaly it is one of my favorite city because it's a complete one.